ASC Purina simply has the best food selection for pets and farm animals in Sherbrooke.

It’s also an amazingly complete tack shop located only a few minutes away from the center of Sherbrooke. ASC Purina has everything for your animal! You will find everything in our spacious and completely renovated store: food and accessories for pets and farm animals, farm equipment, a complete tack shop and even some gift-ideas for animal lovers.

In store or by phone, the courteous staff will take your orders of farm equipment or food to make sure everything is ready for your next visit in store! Since 1968, ASC Purina of Sherbrooke has been serving farmers and individuals at an economical value, the best service and the best tack shop in Sherbrooke.

This is why some of the faithful clients of ASC Purina come from far away to shop there. In addition to the fact that ASC Purina has the best feed for pets and farm animals, they also regularly make promotions on their Facebook Fan page. Follow us and save a lot! Once you’ve experienced the first floor of the store, try the second one: a complete tack shop with experts only waiting to help you with their wise advices! ASC Purina’s equine health experts can also go to your place to evaluate your feed and animals.

We hold a huge selection of manual controlled collars, and way more products for you and your pet! ASC Purina is more than a name, it’s a reality. Food orders, farm equipment, electric fences, farm animal identification, work wears, work boots and way more!