Horse Care

A horse requires constant care and ASC 1968 Inc. is your destination! At horses’ service since 1968!

Indeed, we are passionate about horses and we make sure to offer you every product you could need to ensure the best care for your animal.

Whatever accessories you need, we have them; brushes, combs, hoof picks, shampoos, conditioner, as well as a wide selection of bandaged, lotions, hoof oils, antiseptic, products against flies and much more!

Sherbrooke ASC Purina is the only place where you will need to go to take care of your equine companion! Come visit our equestrian store and our online store.

Stable Materials

Our section dedicated to materials gives you access to everything you will need to ensure the proper functioning of your stable.

You will find feeders, waterer, door latches, chain, forks, brooms, wheelbarrows and much more! We have been offering you quality service and products which kept on evolving over or the past 50 years.

That is why we are the reference in Estrie regarding equipment. Our stable materials are sturdy and its quality will make your tasks easier and more enjoyable.

At ASC Purina, we offer you an impressive quantity of products that will be useful to you and your horse!

Riding Equipment

ASC Purina’s equestrian store offers you a vast selection of riding equipment regardless of your discipline!

Whether you are looking for bridles, saddles, saddle pads or bits, we have what you need, whatever your budget! Indeed, we have a whole line of affordable equipment as well as high end!

Our selection of bridles, saddles, saddle pads and are impressive either on the western or classic side! We are here to advise and guide you in the choice of equipment that will suit your needs!

Accessories for Riders

You are a rider and are looking for accessories? ASC 1968 Inc. has what you need!

Whether you are looking for accessories to increase your safety, trendy clothes in the equestrian world or simply for gift ideas for horse lovers, you will find all you want within your budget!

We are THE equestrian store in Estrie, let us show you why!

Protection for Your Head and Body

Although riding is a hobby and a relaxing moment for most riders, it does not reduce the risks associated with this activity. That is why it is essential to be well equipped and protected before going any further in the equestrian world.

At ASC Purina, we offer you a vast selection of protective helmets and vests for every budget, hoping you will protect yourself. Don’t take any chances and protect yourself as best as you can!

Come meet us and we will be pleased to make sure you find the protection you need.

Riding Clothes and Boots

At ASC 1968 Inc., you will also have the opportunity to find the appropriate footwear to practice riding!

We have a wide range of western boots for men, women and children from Ariat and Boulet, the two best brands in the industry, as well as boots for the adult rider and junior classics.

For country dancers, we have an impressive inventory of Ariat and Boulet boots for men and women and accessories to complete your look: belt buckles, bolos, hats, jeans and shirts. We offer you the latest fashion in the industry at the best price; all you need to do is to take advantage of it!

Come see the quality of these renowned products for yourself!

Protections for Competition Horses

Even if they are large and imposing, horses are sometimes sensitive animal that must be well protected.

At ASC 1968 Inc., we have known that for years and that allows you to benefit from a large selection of protective gear for horses.

Our equestrian store offers you everything you need to ensure the comfort and security of your animal such as a choice of bells, transport bandages and cushioned faceplates. Also, you will find everything regarding your horse’s protection when it’s in training or simply in the pasture.

Come chose among various polos and gaiters offering all the protection you need.