Food for Horses


Looking for quality advice regarding a horse’s diet? The experts are at ASC 1968 Inc.

Indeed, for the past 50 years, the staff at ASC 1968 Inc. has been available to answer all your questions in order to find the best feed for your equine companion.

Whether he is resting, on light duty or training for competitions, we have everything you need.

At ASC 1968 Inc., we want your satisfaction!

Nutritional Supplements

Just like a human being, a horse has specific needs in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Unfortunately, many horses suffer from nutritional deficiencies. At Sherbrooke ASC 1968 Inc., we have every essential supplements for your friend. You will find exclusive high performance products that meet the highest standards in the Canadian equine industry.

You will find nutritional additives in granules, in powder or in liquid form according to your requirements, all in a space dedicated to horses. Our specialists will know how to advise you as best as they can.

We care about them as much as you do; let us guide you in this world of possibilities!