Farm Animals

Sherbooke ASC Purina, serving farmers since 1968.

Whether you need fences to keep your herd under control or adapted working clothes, you will find what you are looking for in our wide range of farming equipment. Information below about our upcoming farmyard days!


ASC 1968 Inc. knows that a healthy and balanced diet has impact on the quality of the milk and beef.

To offer farmers peace of mind and guaranteed quality, ASC Purina provides balanced feed specially designed to dairy and bovine farming. Our cow feed’s composition is selected according to cattle diet standards.

Our different types of feed are stored in conditions that ensure product freshness. We provide feed, vitamin supplements and mineral blocs for every diet.

ASC Purina knows farmers’ needs regarding accessories for farming and dairy production. We select sturdy and reliable automatic waterers, because we know how important it is that your cows have access to fresh water at all times. We also offer a wide selection of exhibition products, such as leather halters, number holders an shampoos to make your animal shine on D-day.

You will find everything for identification, such as labels, punches and for security, such as the best quality electric fences to control your herd while respecting the animals.

We do our best to provide you with the right tools for cows and for the animals’ well-being in order to facilitate the farmers’ work!


Hog producers can count on ASC Purina’s feed to produce healthy and delicious meat. The ingredients selected for feed making is done according to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring a complete nutritional intake! This feed can also be delivered with our bulk or bag trucks within our area covered by Purina. For the accredited hog breeder, a follow-up by a Purina nutritionist is offered to obtain the best possible results.

We are also able to offer you Bio-Rard organic feed for pigs. Just let us know and we will gladly order it for you within a reasonable period of time.

Our feed for pigs is locally produced because the Purina feed is made in Drummondville and Bio-Rard is made in l’Ange-Gardien. An eco-friendly solution for your livestock!

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Chicken farming and keeping laying hens requires a lot of material and feed.

That is why farmers come to our Sherbrooke store! ASC Purina provides them with feed and accessories specially designed for hens. Thanks to regular orders from our reliable suppliers, we offer retail items at competitive prices!

Since calcium and other minerals are important elements for egg laying, we have feed designed for laying hens. For poultry intended for human consumption, a mix of richer grains ensure faster growth and a delicious meat!

To build the chicken coop, we offer nest boxes, wooden perches and shaving litters for your hens’ hygiene and well-being! At ASC Purina, you will find fences and mesh to delimitate the exterior pen, as well as waterers and feeders made for hens.

For individuals that keep a few grain-fed chickens or laying hens, Sherbrooke ASC Purina is the best place to find bulk feed and affordable accessories un smaller quantities! We also offer a complete line of organic feed for hens and chicks at the best price!

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At ASC 1968 Inc., your sheeps’ well-being is our priority and that is why we offer a complete diet for sheep breeding. Whether it is colostrum, formula, complete feed or concentrate, you will find what is perfect for you. We know that sheep get easily intoxicated from too much copper in some feed. That is why sheep feed at Purina respects the highest standards in nutritional needs.

We also offer a selection of grain in bags or in bulk which can be delivered directly to the farm.


Feeding your goat is easy thanks to ASC Purina!

Like all ruminants, goats eat grass. However, it does not provide all the protein and essential minerals they need! ASC Purina helps you balance your goat’s menu with concentrated feed and salt stones adapted to goats’ nutritional needs!

Whether it is for a pet goat, a dairy goat or a meat goat, we can help you feed them adequately according to their needs.


Rabbits have a special digestive system which ASC Purina takes into account in the choice of feed.

Whether for your pet or rabbit farming, our concentrated feed is perfect for a daily carefree balanced diet! Rabbit feed is designed to meet fiber, plant, energy and mineral needs.

For the meat rabbit farmer, we also offer a vast selection of feeders, nests, waterers and wire to build your own breeding cages, as well as any other equipment you would find in a hutch.