ASC Purina also specializes in pet food for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and more. Our vast selection will help you find the best food for your pet.

Our specialists are available to answer your questions and to guide you in your choices.

ASC Purina has been at your service since 1968!

Dogs and Cats

As our faithful friends, dogs and cats greet us when we get home. That’s why they deserve the best of care!

At Sherbrooke ASC Purina, we do our very best to offer quality food and accessories for dogs and cats. Small pets are very sensitive to radical changes.

That is why we choose trustworthy brands. Thanks to Purina, our main partner for many years, we have been able to make sure that our customers get the best dog and cat food at the lowest price!

Tested by our experts; approved by your pets!

Food for cats and dogs

Our selection of dog and cat food includes the largest brands in the industry and at very competitive prices!

To us, it is important that you have the opportunity to find the best food for you pet. Most of the brands mentioned above come with a loyalty club either for your dog or cat!

Come live the experience at Sherbrooke ASC Purina and take advantage of our outstanding service and an array of food for your pets!

Accessories for cats and dogs

At your pets’ service since 1968, we share your love for canines and felines. You want the best for them and we do too!

The accessories you will find at ASC are selected to fulfill your dog’s needs. Whether you are looking for chew bones, obediance treats, a training collar, a life jacket, oral hygiene products, seasonal clothing or a carrier, you will find it and make your pet happy at the same time! We take pride in offering you the largest possible selection!

For your favorite feline, you will find at ASC 1968 Inc. a wide array of toys, scratching posts, beds, litter boxes, cat trees of any size and color, as well as quality clumping, paper or crystal cat litters.

As for grooming and caring for our furry friends, we offer you a wide selection of shampoos and conditioners from Espree and Biogance. You will also find brushes, combs and razors by tried and tested brands such as Oster, Wahl, ConairPro and Furminator, which will make it easier and more pleasant to care for your pet’s coat.

We try to select as many local brands as we can and from responsible manufacturers because you deserve the best.


Kids love them, teens make them their companion, rodents make good friends!

ASC Purina has everything you need to house and feed your little boarder! Cages in many sizes, toys, efficient litters and food suited for hamsters, gerbils, chinchillas, mice, rats, etc.

We have everything to make it easier for you so you can have a pleasant relationship with your rodent!

Food for Rodents

Hamster, rats, mice, indoor rabbit, ferret, chinchilla or guinea pig? Au Service de votre Compagnon has suitable feed for everyone! Because each rodent has its own diet: some are vegetarian and others are carnivores!

It is very important to use the appropriate feed for these small animals’ digestive system to keep them healthy. In store, you will find a wide array of feed for the many life stages of our favorite little rodents. Purina, Zoomax, Oxbow et Versele-Laga are our trusted partners to feed them.

Accessories for Rodents

Small rodents have been among children’s long-time favorites and for good reason!

Isn’t it wonderful to watch them run, climb, scratch? What a fascinating world! As long as they have adapted housing!

ASC 1968 Inc. understands and has durable cages in all sizes for hamsters, rats, guinea pigs, etc. For each one, ASC 1968 Inc. offers you adapted shelters and drinkers. Ladders, wheels, games, mulch and litters are available for a healthy and action-packed cage!

For everyone’s enjoyment!


All day long, birds sing to brighten our home!

At ASC, you will find a special section for pet bird lovers.

We offer a multitude of blends made for your pet birds, whether they are finches, parrots or tiny canary. We only keep quality feed in-store. You will also find a wide selection of toys and pet bird products.

Offer your winged friends quality care, come to ASC!

Food for Birds

At ASC, you will find a section dedicated to pet bird lovers.

We offer you a wide array of pure seeds and blends in many convenient and affordable sizes.

Furthermore, you will find the whole Versele-Laga and Zoomax lines to feed your favorite pet birds who brighten your days with their singing and colorful plumage.

To offer quality care, come to ASC 1968 Inc.

Accessories for Birds

To attract your pet bird, ASC Purina has the accessories you need! 

Have you thought about caring for your pet’s claws or wings? Pet birds need perches covered in sand paper, scissors to trim their wings and chewable calcium supplements.

In-store, you will also find wide array of toys, ideal to fight your birds’ boredom, as well as an impressive selection of cages and accessories.

To offer your winged friends quality care, come to ASC Purina!